What Is The Best NYC PUA Bootcamp Training?

What Is The Best Option For NYC PUA Bootcamps?

There are several high quality bootcamps available in New York City… however, the two most attractive to the marketplace are a LuxLife bootcamp and an RSD Bootcamp.

However, having taught many Ex-RSD students and having an Ex-RSD assistant as one of our coaches… I can tell you that we have a very clear look at what an RSD bootcamp is and how ours is superior to theirs.

Let’s objectively break down the two bootcamps….

RSD Bootcamp:

2000$ bootcamp option

-3 Nights. 8PM-4AM.

-Loose structure.

-Disengaged Instructors (Not all but most)

-No Formal Pre Brief/Post Brief

-No Daygame

-No Bonuses

-Train with high profile PUA coaches with years in the game

-RSD doesn’t always have bootcamps in NYC

LuxLife Bootcamp:

Gold Bootcamp Option (1999$)

-3 Daygame Sessions 4-8PM w/ Prebrief and Post Brief

-3 Nightgame Sessions 10PM-2AM w/Prebrief and Post Brief taught Classroom Style

-Very structured bootcamp with specific drills and goals for each student.

-Formal Pre Brief and Post Brief

-Email Follow Up Post Bootcamp

-Daygame Coaching

-Chock Full Of Bonuses and Discounts

-Highly Engaged instructors and written into our mission statement we insist on a standard of service for our coaches.

-We live in NYC we know all of the local places to take the students that are cooler than the beaten path places that RSD may take you.

-Our method encourages massive Micro Momentum Starting Day-game and leading into Night-Game.

-Written material provided to the students before the bootcamp actually starts.

-Night-time pre brief is actually taught Classroom Style.

-We have bootcamps every week in NYC.

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I’ve taken an RSD bootcamp in the past and it seems like they get along mostly by their established brand name at this point. How engaged the instructor is in the program seems to be dictated by how long they’ve been coaching for and how tired they are of it. Owen seems like he’s on his way out.

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