How To Pull Girls In Las Vegas: Screening

The key to pulling in Vegas is screening.

Unlike other cities, many girls go to Vegas knowing that they’ll have at least 1 night stand with a “hot guy.”

Some of them will lie and say “I don’t do that” and all of them will say “we’re not having sex tonight.” But regardless, they’re still DTF.

My game is highly improvised so I can’t really say do steps 1, 2, and 3 to get to sex. But there are a few things that are constant in all my sets:

1) Physicality: I’m very physical with girls in a way that allows them to reciprocate. Rather than putting my arm around her, I will put her arm around me. Rather than grabbing her hand, I will hold my hand up and let her reach out and interlock fingers with me.
2) Humor: pretty much everything I say in set is either a pun, a setup for a joke, a troll, or something that I find hilarious. Zero serious talk.
3) Setting man to woman frames: telling the girl that we’re going on a romantic date, telling the girl that I would take her for a drive through wedding (and a drive through divorce), etc…
4) Screening: this one is the most important for vegas. Find out if the girl is willing to be physical with you, if she’s willing to move around with you, and if she’s willing to separate from her friends. If any one of these is not checked off, ditch her and find another girl.
5) Seeding the pull with plausible deniability: the best pull line for vegas is “let’s go gamble and get free drinks.” If you’re somewhere else, you can use anything that will make the girl want to leave with you, but will avoid activating anti-slut defense.
6) Occupying her logical mind during the pull: this one is pretty obvious but a lot of guys fuck it up. Keep talking shit the whole time you’re pulling. Avoid letting her start thinking to herself about how her friends will judge her for being a slut.
7) Maintaining sexual tension: make her think about how good it would be to have sex, but also keep her guessing as to whether you will fuck her. Flip the buyer-seller dynamic and keep her chasing.
8) Two steps forwards, one step back: LMR usually comes down to two objections: a logical objection, or she hasn’t spent enough time with you yet. Find out specifically why she isn’t ready, and calibrate accordingly.

I got a few full interactions on film, from open to pull, will be posting those soon. Also going to write an article about how to make hotties jump on a plane and fly to come see you

-Jason James

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