Jason James: Maintain a Positive Mindset: Cutting Negative Influences


Psychological studies have shown that one of the biggest influences on human behavior and temperament is the weather. In the summer, people are more likely to be angry and make emotionally influenced decisions. A recent study by an economist actually showed that war and conflict rose by a standard deviation for every incremental increase in temperature.

If you wanna be a P.I.M.P. and have tons of beautiful women in your life, one of the first things you need to master is emotional control. Staying positive and content about yourself is absolutely necessary. Girls don’t want a little boy who has mood swings and gets upset, they get enough of that from their girlfriends. Girls can’t help their emotional mood swings, but they can be positively influenced by people around them. They want a man who can stay constantly happy around them and provide them with good emotions.

This all ties in with the concept of emotional transference- whatever you feel, she feels. I go into a ton of detail on this topic during bootcamp because having high emotional intelligence will improve your results with women a lot. I can’t delve into as much detail in a post, but suffice to say that you need to put yourself into the emotional state you want her to be in- fun, happy, and horny.

It’s hard enough to put yourself in that positive emotional state every day, but it is literally almost impossible if you have many negative influences around you. Bringing it back to the psychological studies about temperature and anger/negative emotions, you need to be aware of the emotional state of people around you. If one of your friends is prone to getting out of control for little or no reason, that lack of emotional control will directly and negatively effect your results with women. So if you do have people around you who seem to unexplainably have angry outbursts (and you might start to notice that it’s happening more often this time of year), CUT THOSE PEOPLE OUT.

It might seem ruthless to just completely cut people out of your life, but it’s absolutely necessary to eliminate negative influences if you want to acheive your full potential as a man….

Stay tuned, since I spent the last few weekends at college frat parties, I will be dropping an insanely valuable post about how to pull the hottest girls at college frat parties…

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