PUA and Penis Enlargement

I teach Pickup. I’ve been doing game and have slept with hundreds of women over the course of the past 7 years.

I have done this with and without male enhancement.

I also have coached many different guys in improving their game.

One of the major fears guys have subconsciously is about their dick size, the way their body looks naked, and how they perform sexually.

This dramatically affects their closing ratio and also the quality of their game and relationships.

Women can tell when you are afraid of sealing the deal.

Women can also tell when you are very confident about sealing the deal.

Not to mention when you finally do get naked and you are lean, ripped, muscular, with a large dong they get extremely turned on and excited… which further amplifies and adds to your confidence and game.

In my opinion PE/Male enhancement is no different than bodybuilding. Your dick is part of your body. If you want to grow your biceps, grow your dick as well if you want to.

Here are links to two devices that work extremely well and require almost no extra effort or time to enhance the size of your dick.

Sizegenetics Extender (Length)

Bathmate Pump (girth) 

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