Traditional Dating Advice For Men Is Bullshit

I’m going to be candid with you.

The shit that worked for guys in 1975 is not the same shit that is going to work for guys in 2018.

The dating landscape has changed dramatically in this time.

Social Media, Sugar Daddy/Child Dating Sites, Culture Shifts all are powerful forces that affect the dating scene today.

I see more Bathing Suit Wearing Housewives on Instagram than I ever imagined would be possible.

Teaching guys to talk to girls in the city revealed that the cheating rate in Big Cities like NYC and Los Angeles is Out Of Control!

It seems like relationships are a shell of what they were in the past…

What is a nice, good hearted man to do?

He doesn’t want to be one of those scummy PUA type guys… understandable… they seem to have a terrible reputation and are slimy and manipulative.

Yet he is lonely, and knows in his heart that the quality of relationships he is in now are not what he ultimately wants for his life. He lacks intimacy, he lacks potency in his masculinity, and he lacks passion in his love life. Consistent passion and intimacy.

It seems so impossible!

Girls seem to only respond to guys that don’t give them what they want, that make them chase, that lie and cheat and don’t seem to give a fuck about them?

Yet when I treat her nicely and take her out, and am chivalrous I get dumped!?

All of these frustrations are normal… however there is a better way forward that doesn’t involve manipulation, it doesn’t involve being a bad person, and it doesn’t involve supplicating and losing your masculinity.

There are two things that are controlling your relationship to women…

Your Psychology/Identity/Ego/Blueprint/Life Script.
Your Experience Level.
In order to break through and have loving, intimate, fun, polarized, hot, sexy, relationships that are fun for the girls you’re seeing as well as yourself… you need to combine both.

Sort out your hang ups in respect to women… get to the core of what really is holding you back from what you want with women.

Then finally take massive action and get out into the field and date as many as you can… get the experiences that you need in order to be competent in dealing with the feminine energy.

I have written an entire book for men to help them get over their trauma and fear surrounding women. It will be published in 2–3 months.

Nobody is at fault for what happened to the male/female dynamic that is going on in 2018.

However, we must understand how to improve it for the world to get better.

As men of action, winners, and men who are expect the most out of life we must be proactive about resolving our internal and external issues with women.

Talk Soon,


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