Rapport Isn’t What You Think It Is

Traditional Dictum Says: Rapport Is About Logical Commonality.

I Say: Rapport Is A Physical, Energetic Happening. It just happens or it doesn’t.

I believe that you can unlock greater levels of rapport, or connectedness and intimacy with people you are around by first working out your hangups with shadow-work.

When you are no longer reacting to peoples behavior that irritates you… you can begin to accept different people with different ways of being that are different than yours.

This is only when you can develop rapport with different people.

If we are going to only get rapport with people who are like ourselves, we are severely limiting our ability to meet and connect with other people.

If we want to begin to have powerful sexual communication with the people we are fucking or trying to fuck we have to be able to gain connectivity with them and we have to be able to transfer our feelings of sexuality onto them if they are open to receiving it.

You cannot give someone something you don’t have.

If you are not comfortable with your sexual feelings you cannot transfer them onto the person you are with.

If you are not comfortable with asking for money through a sale… you don’t believe in yourself/your product you will push the sale away just as you push the potential of sex away from you by not being ready to feel it.

This sounds ‘out there,’ but if you resist your sexual feelings… how can you ever connect fully to a woman in the moment and turn her on with your feelings and game.

Management of your state is one of the most critical parts of ‘game.’ You must have access to the states of horniness, fun, joy, freedom, dominance etc etc… be a complete person with no hang ups about certain patterns of behavior and you’ll be able to tap into the states that you need in order to be successful in seduction.




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