Can You Be Physically Ugly And Still Be Attractive?

Many people are shocked when they meet me in person.

“You have a huge nose.”

“You are kind of short.”

They don’t verbally say it but they slightly whinge when they first meet me.

I’m Bilbo Baggins incarnate.

But, your looks aren’t the primary factor for women’s attraction.

Are they important? Yes.

Are they more important than taking action? No.

Are they more important than being not creepy? No.

Most men are very creepy. They are very weird around girls. They need to get drunk just to cough up some sleezy complement. “You are so beautiful! Durr!”

I see it every single night. Guys being really fucking weird.

They don’t approach many women, as a result they place undue importance on the girls they DO actually approach.

They then consequently creep the girls… the fuck out.

Tall, dark, handsome, rich men… are far less cool than me. They are far less smooth than me. They are far less charismatic and funny than me and my clients.

They are completely unwilling to be polarizing. To be sexy. To take a chance to make the romance happen.

They are ALSO. Unwilling to walk away from a rude person. Unwilling to correct someones behavior if it violates a boundary. They are displaying weakness.

People. Especially girls hate weakness in men.

I have seen it time and again. Good looking men, scared, awkward, James Bond. Getting straight stunted on by me and Jason.

The girls are turned on by the attunement to their emotions.

Me and Jason SEE the woman and the situation for the reality of what it is.

We aren’t hypnotized because she is dipped in makeup, 6 inch heels, push-up bras, and surrounded by other well made up and beautiful women.

We are able to see the little girl inside and be her prince. To give her the experience that she came to experience that night.

Most other guys, are there to ‘get lucky.’

We are there, to spread good vibes, and meet a new hot chick(s) to connect with and have sex with.

The good news is that this is a process that can only be learned.

Men have no idea how to have good game.

In the future only 3 people will have good game. Girls, Players, and Celebrities.

These are the people who will be hooking up with eachother, the guys who ‘don’t get it’ or can’t read social cues will be left kicking rocks frustrated.

Join us on a bootcamp.


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