How To Get Back In The Game After Being Cheated On/Broken Up With

You’re there cuddling with your girlfriend one day in bed. Her soft skin, sweet smell of girly perfumes and shampoos swirling up an intoxicating blend of scent in your nose.

It smells and feels like home.

You’re so comfortable, safe, happy, blissful, loved.

Then out of nowhere, you look over on the night-table and see a text come in from a guy named ‘Dave’ on her phone.

It says, “sup sexy, can’t stop thinking about you from the other night… fucking sexy.’

You do a triple take… your heart rate elevates… ‘what the fuck?’

You don’t want to deal with this. You can’t believe what you’re seeing. You hope it’s a mistake. You ask your girlfriend, ‘Who is Dave?’

She immediately reacts defensively, lashing out. She eventually breaks down and begins crying. She admits to cheating.

Your world explodes at that moment. All the memories you had with your girlfriend, all the history, the love, the things you said, your identity… are gone now.

What you thought was, was not.

What you think is, is not.

You are no longer looking at the same world as you were before.

Decisions need to be made, and emotions need to be processed.

Let’s say that you guys break up… as you should.

You will likely, be a complete wreck if you invested in that relationship and if you haven’t had experience with cheating before you will be totally caught off guard.

Depending on your level of psychological and emotional stability you will be sufficiently traumatized.

The level of trauma depends on your psychology.

There needs to be a three pronged attack to get back to stability and happiness for you.

Understand your influences and psychology. Begin to understand your patterns and life story… break down what drives you and you’ll be able to prevent the patterns from re-emerging.
Gather more positive reference experiences quickly… Build self esteem in other core areas of life.
Build a system to continually bring new women into your life as a lifestyle so you don’t go into the same level of scarcity as you did in that relationship.
The first few days after the breakup will be challenging. Very challenging.

You should allow yourself to feel the feelings fully and grieve.

Suppressing the feelings is the worst thing you can do.

Allow themselves to express fully and deeply… you will be a bit frightened by the level of pain you experience but it’s just a feeling… it’s not going to kill you.

Once it’s been expressed it’ll be easier to get onto the next step.

Begin understanding your Life Pattern and Blueprint.

We all are running on an old pattern that was installed in childhood. We filter life through assumptions and expectations that were installed when we were very young.

The reason your relationship failed miserably was because of your lack of awareness of your patterns.

Become aware of it, and then you can see when your ego is interfering with your success.

As you go deeper into your psychology, you’ll want to re-emerge into the dating world to begin to toughen yourself up.

To become good at dating after a relationship is very difficult for most men because the personality that engages women is very different than the boyfriend personality.

You’ll need to make a complete shift to becoming a seductive, fun, attractive man…

In order to do that you’ll need to go out and approach women. A lot of women. For an extended period of time.

I recommend taking a LuxLife bootcamp to learn the specific ins and outs of picking up girls and getting over your approach anxiety… and everything in between.

Regardless, you’ll need to get out and begin approaching as many girls as you can.

Finally, once you begin getting results from meeting girls via cold approach and experiencing the transformation that comes along with that process… you’ll need to create a funnel and lifestyle design that keeps it up.

The best way to view the breakup as a way to re-emerge from the chaos stronger, more attractive, and a winner.

You can do it.


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