Seduction Happens In The Moment

Man To Woman Seduction Looks Like This.

Feel Happy, Feel Fun, See Cute Girl(s)… Open. Say Nonsensical Joke. They Crack and Blossom Into Smiles.

I Physically Hug Them All and Joke With Them In A Chill Relaxed Manner.

I relax and allow my mind and body to go into synchronization with them and rapport.

I stay alert and lead still, I’m always three steps ahead of her and her friends.

My instincts show me what to focus on.

I Find the Girl I’m Most Attracted To Who Is Attracted To Me The Most.

I lead her away from the group.

She is so amazed. Mouth is agape. I pull her close and take her silky hair in my hand as I give it a subtle tug. Her neck is exposed and she gasps slightly. I bite her neck aggressive but tenderly.

She feels like she is with an alpha lion who could easily engulf her in his strength but is nuturing and protective of her… also horny and mischievious… she doesn’t know what to expect… except she knows she’s on the road to having sex.

I push her away subtly. She feels the coldness of being pushed away by me.

She engages in testing me and pulling away as well… I dance and have fun. Other women notice. She backs her ass up on my cock and tells me to feel how wet she is.

We make out and I lead her by the hand out of the club and into the street. We get in a cab and then we are finally alone.

She is so fucking amazed that I was able to get her away from her over-protective and jealous friends… she unzips my pants in the back seat of the cab and begins sucking my cock. She is using lots of spit and any moment separated from my cock she can’t seem to stand it because she rapidly re-attaches herself and sucks with passion.

I’m in heaven, I feel like a god.

We get out of the cab both giggling like little kids.

This is a crazy adventure… We are both so happy and excited.

We get upstairs to my apartment, we literally can barely wait until the door is closed… we are ripping at eachothers clothes (Always in humor) but with massive steamy back of the car passion.

Seduction is a game of influencing emotion. Starting with yourself.

You must first allow yourself to feel happiness, joy, horniness, and seductiveness.

You must allow yourself to lead and take control of social situations.

There must be no shame in this process. It is entirely natural.

You influence your own emotion, and spread it to others.

You are able to get into rapport with people because you greatly understand them through your understanding of the human mind and psychology.

You are willing to open and risk it all in order to get what you want always.

You are willing to ruin the set/interaction with the girl in exchange for what you want… no matter what. That’s why you win paradoxically.

The more willing you are to lose it all… the more likely you are to win massively.

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