3 Simple Tips To Get Girls To Like You In Set. (Beginner -> Intermediate)

Simple Tip #1: Before approaching… change your state to a more positive, upbeat one… every girl likes a happy, fun, potentially horny guy to have fun with. If she’s not available she’ll still appreciate it.

To get yourself in this state here’s a simple way to achieve it.

Fake Laugh.

Fake laughter leads to real laughter.

Do A Little Dance… the more ridiculous the better. The key being to do a dance that makes you crack up with laughter.

Simple Tip #2: Early on in the night/day when you open… Open with self amusing humor… You will want to troll with a funny little opener with the intention of having it be ridiculous, silly, and funny… this will make you and her laugh together.

Simple Tip #3: Once you deliver your opener, exhale slowly, and completely… allow your body to relax… shoulders to drop a bit… smile… observe her body language and allow yours and hers to align with rapport.

Advanced Tip: You want to make her feel OK, Happy, Safe, Protected, Horny, Teased… you accomplish this by being Present, Masculine, Leading, blended perfectly with empathy.




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